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Oral Surgery tomorrow

I see this post has been sitting here half-finished for a while.

So, the surgical date appears to be this Tuesday August 16. I've been looking at some oral surgery blogs to see the fun which I'm in for.

[The entry is edited from one I started a month ago, but I've decided to leave in the musical comments anyway, even if they are less timely.]

Here's the website of my oral surgeon:


The second video is more like what I'll be having, although they might also take some out on my upper jaw to eliminate my "gummy smile". I believe they will be taking 5mm out of my upper jaw to move it up and moving my lower jaw forward 6mm. She said she'd also widen my nasal passages. Between that and the shift in my mouth, my breathing probably won't be as shallow.

Of course, I'm filled with fears. What if the surgeon's terrible and no one has bothered to tell me? And so on. Of course I'd be this way. I'm an insecure, whiny worrier.

But even if I weren't a neurotic mess generally, I think I'd be a little nervous about this.

Even if everything goes perfectly well, I'll look like a monster for a couple of weeks. Not too mention being stuffed up, tired and on a liquid diet for a few weeks and on a mush diet for a few more weeks. The recovery time is also slower for someone of my advancing years. It might be a year of more before full feeling returns to my face, and there's always a slim chance that it won't. (Although if that happens, it would likely only be a tiny patch that stays numb.)

Then again, quite a few of my friends have been through far, far worse.

Someone set up a great website about their own experience with many discussion forms.


I've found this blog / website to be reassuring though, in preparing me for what to expect and providing some reassurance that the worse will pass soon enough.

And look over the initial posts, I can see the whole idea of looking into the mirror and seeing a different face staring back affects you. I've seen a lot of people - long after the swelling has gone down - frowning on their new face when to outside observers, they clearly look better.

Wish me luck,



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Aug. 17th, 2011 01:26 pm (UTC)
I've declined to watch any of the linked videos, but Good Luck, my friend!
Aug. 22nd, 2011 02:01 am (UTC)
Huge apologies for not commenting sooner and wishing you luck! I was away from August 9th to the 14th and I've been playing catch up with email and my flist ever since. In any case, I hope the surgery went well and you're not in too much pain. As I'm too late with the surgery, I'll wish you luck on the recovery!
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